How to Pick What to Wear on the Special Day Like a Pro

To pick wedding suit for evening ceremony you have to think about 3 things: the pattern, the colour and the shape. But this is a very special day, you also have to think about what your future wife would wear. If your loved one choose very fancy such as dress with 2 metre tail or embroidered with crystal, you are the groom you wouldn’t want to have a plain suit that looks like the guests you invited. Tuxedo is the choice for the groom because you will look out standing from the crowd. Tuxedo was made as men’s evening formal wear. You can see that tuxedo is worn in many occasions and events such as Academy Awards (Oscar) and Golden Globe Awards. The accessories for tuxedo are hand-tied bow tie which gives more natural touch, and off-white pocket square. It may seem like a perfect wear but you cannot wear it on other people’s wedding day due to the fact that you would distract people from the groom. Other than wedding you can also wear it in an event with “Black Tie” dress code.

But if tuxedo is too formal and traditional for you on your special day. You can take risk by wearing minimal suit and wear bow tie with same colour with suit. It breaks the rule but it worth the try.

It’s not appropriate to wear suit with two buttons, “Peak” lapel with neck tie for evening ceremony because peak lapel is wide. It looks more casual which is better if you wear it on morning ceremony.

99% of bridal gowns are white. Black or midnight blue suit are the perfect match but colour isn’t the only thing you have to think about. If your wedding’s theme is colour and, for example, if you pick dark blue. The black suit or tuxedo isn’t recommended here. The midnight blue is the perfect colour due to the facility is decorated with dark blue elements. But if the theme colour isn’t blue the black one is always the first choice because it’s simple and contrasts yet  goes very well with white gown. Whatever size and shape you are with well designed and made tuxedo you’ll look sharp.

One of the famous tuxedo’s colour is white. White jacket pairs with black trousers. This tuxedo is an alternative for important events and makes you look sharp and stand out but as its black counterpart the occasions for it is limited.

The last but not least is the shape of the tuxedo. It needs make you look good and fitted tuxedo isn’t always fit everyone perfectly. If you have sloped shoulder you need your jacket to have bigger shoulder to perfect your body but this is hard to explain through letters. You need experienced tailor to give you the advice.

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