MY SECOND SUIT (Part I) ‘Cuz We All Learnt a Lesson from Our First one

Do you remember old suit of your that has been locked in your closet after your graduation ceremony? You’ve learnt your lesson and gathered all information you need for your next suit and this one is going to be better, feel more like yourself, and you’re going to wear suit more often without feeling forced to wear it.


Looking good doesn’t matter if you’re not confident.

The one that you wear often is the one that makes you feel confident. The comfort you receive from the suit isn’t just a physically but mentally and caused by how loosen the suit is. It has to fit your soul to feel comfortable as seen in the picture.


What does perfect suit looks like? Well-known brands doesn’t mean anything compares to what I’m about to tell you.

The shoulders need to look natural. Thick patched shoulders is a bad idea.

The armhole shouldn’t be too wide but able to let you move comfortably and the length shouldn’t be too long or too short.

The stitches on the lapel and other part of the suit have to be firm but not too firm or loosen as they connect the lining and fabric together but also allow you to be able to move. Other than perfect stitches the quality of the lining and fabric are also essential because it will affect the lifetime of the suit.

The jacket needs to fit your body, especially on the waist.

Both buttonholes at the end of the sleeves should be real.

The shirt sleeves should be ¼ inch longer than jacket sleeves.


Suit can help you look sharp when you’re at the office. Well-tailored suit reflects that you are attentive and delicate person. Details are in the fitting, the proportion of lapel, the coordinates of buttons (When in the right positions they make you look slimmer), the length of the jacket (It the length is too long it will make your legs look shorter.

Suit is a very detailed garment and a platform for men to play with which help them express their personality, for instance; the length of the jacket is slightly shorter than the standard for pairing with skinny trousers, detailed shirt, using purple threat to edge the jacket, lining jacket with colourful and textured lining, custom jacket pocket that fits perfectly with the size of smartphones or personalise the jacket by embroidering name’s abbreviation.

These are some examples for you to improve your seconds suit.