MY SECOND SUIT (Part II) ‘Cuz We All Learnt a Lesson from Our First one

Continuing on how to improve your second suit.


The topic is, “5 reasons why you should own tailored made suit”

Time: Many people think that it’s such a waste of time but actually, it isn’t. Let me explain why. I believe that nobody can find the right suit for the first time not event to mention about the quality. Buying a suit is like you choose something that someone else already picked that for you but made it custom is something you create. “When you have your first suit made the next one will be easier.

Tailor who knows your lifestyle: Their job is to know you and understand you in order to make your soulmate suit.

Style: when thinking of getting your suit made there is no limit to your creativity. You can choose the type of fabric that you like, pick the silhouette of your dream suit, how fit it should be, having thin lapel, narrow sleeves, with the shape of the well-known brand that you like but really fit to your body. Your tailor can give you advice on small detail such as the colour of the buttons, the colour of the thread that sew parts together, the colour of lining etc. and whatever you desire will come true. It will be high quality and tell how attentive you are on clothing yourself.

Pattern: Ready-to-wear suits are made out of average sizes which do not fit all. (but if you fit ready-to-wear suits you should change career and become a model) Do you know, the length of everybody’s arms are different which affects your look and you’ll look bad in it.

moreover, tailor will help you create suit that correct our imperfect bodies and look slim by adjusting the positions of the buttons to make you look like you are born with well proportioned body.

Fabric: Fabric is very important here. High quality fabric helps tailor to create a suit without boundary. There are plenty of choices of thickness,pattern and the type of the fabric fiber so, how do you know which one you should choose?

It depends of the type of the occasion. Plain colour suit is formal compared to suit with pattern. If you’re in creative work field and you have to suit yourself for presenting your project you should choose fabric with pattern and has small detail. You can check the quality of the fabric through how it weights and the feeling it gives when you touch it by one arm is the hanger while you use you hand from another arm touch it, with that easy method you don’t need other sophisticated theories to check on fabric quality.

Specific details: When you get your suit tailored you can make special request such as hidden jacket pocket that fit your smartphone or hidden trousers secret pockets or put your abbreviation of your name on etc. to make it more personal.


Floating Canvas – Invisible but Essential

Under every jacket there’s a layer underneath, between the suit and lining. This layer could be adhesive cloth or “floating canvas”. This floating canvas, for that made by horsehair, is sew by hand only. These layer is for keeping the suit in form but horsehair is softer and doesn’t make your suit stiff as a rock.


This is another essential and it tells all. And these are the finishings that need attention.

Buttonhole: Good buttonhole should be made out of handcraft silk.

Stitching: This should also be done by hand to make a perfect finishing.


How can you make your tailor understands you personal taste?

From the beginning, show the suit that you like to your tailor but there is none, then you can just put your favourite shirt and trousers on and your tailor will get it.

“When you got a tailor who understand you completely time would not be wasted.”