Brother and Sister who are the heirs of legendary tailor shop in Thailand who travelled to milan to learn the craft.

Q: Why Italian suit is interesting?

A: Our family has been in tailoring for many years (Jim’s Man Shop was famous in the 70’s) it make us know that Italian suit is very fit and the fact that Italians really love dressing up. Dressing up is a way to express their personalities. They think it’s really important and believe that first impression is really essential. If you’re having a meeting or working the first thing that influences our decisions on someone is the way they dress. Stars like Brad Pitt and George Clooney always pick Italian suit.

Q: What makes Italian suit interesting?

A: Italians are born with talent. They are good at garments and leather goods. They pay attention to details. When we were studying in Milan and Rome there are plenty of family businesses like clothing, shoe making and bag making. They are mass product. Each and every family has their own techniques and secrets. When we had the opportunity to work in an Italian suit we understand how exquisite their processes are and why the word “tailor” is the perfect to describe them.

Italian suit is really fit because Italians are petite when compared to the Brits and Germans. They have to develop their own kind of suit which make them look tall and fit their body perfectly because if it’s too big that would make them look shorter. The sleeves of the jacket are shallower which allows men to move freely. That is the reason why their sleeves are tighter unlike others. The length of the jacket is shorter to make the legs look longer but still understanding each person’s unique proportion is a must, which make this kind of suit is suitable for Thai people.

Italian suit was made to improve each and every person’s silhouettes eg. the suit should be made to make the person who wears it look taller than they actually is or to make the chest catch the attention instead of belly if the person is huge.

Q: Why people in your generation are still interested in tailoring?

A: Well, it’s not a job for old people. When young Italians save enough money they always want to get their suits made. Wearing tailor made suit makes them feel more confident than wearing mass product suit. Tailor made suit can be trendy. Ben had studied Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni, Milan before went to Rome and learnt the traditional way of Italian tailoring at L’accademia Nazionale dei Sartori. Through the education ben realised that the basis of making suit for men is how you draw the size of each individual on the fabric. It is as important as refine cutting and assemble each piece together. After those processes small details will be put to make each suit more personal and the fitting should be precise to the body to elevate personality and confidence.

Q: How is it to be working with Azzurro?

A: We brought the decades of knowledge and understanding of younger people and combine them with Italian craft together to fit Thai people’s lifestyles to reflect each Azzurro’s clients’ personalities.