AZZURRO, The Bangkok Tailor shop that service and quality exceed five stars.

Personally, I do not know much about dressing up to look good and do not know much about fashion. Because of the need to prepare for a wedding day. My fiancée suggested me to find a good tailor shop. However over the weeks, I still couldn’t find a perfect one.

Until one day, I talked with my friend who told me that he had made a suit from a tailor shop in Bangkok and explained to me how much he liked the service, the quality of the fabric and the sewing. So I asked for the owner number and called the shop. From talking and visiting the shop’s website, I know that this shop has been open for more than 40 years. The current owner is 2nd generation. His name is Jay who derived from his father. He and his sister studied about tailoring and fashion design in Milan, Italy. So his shop use the Italian pattern, this style is fit close to the wearer, not too loose not too tight but still curves nice to your body.

Jay gave me some good advice on many different style of the groom suits. I have opened my world and realized that we had lots of things to do.

First of all, We chose one style of the groom suit and started adjust size of the lapels, position of the buttons, etc, to make it fit nice to my shape.

Next Jay showed me the top quality material from England and Italy. Finally I chose the fabric made in England because of the texture and the color of the fabric. After that he measured my body and started making the suit.

The quality of the suit was really impressive. Due to the fabric chosen by the shop and very fine cutting, make the suit curves and fit the shape of the wearer.

There is one more thing that I like to make a suit at this shop is the service. As told before Jay is the second generation. He will come to take care of his own customers to reach the needs of customers well. And he also has a good human relations. Help me, give me the good suggestions. Never complain or do anything to make us who do not know about the suit feel annoyed or scolded.

Another thing that has been added is the friendship. If I want a suit for another occasion, now I have the shop in my mind.


Conclusion If you are looking for a stylish suit that use good quality fabric and fits your personality the most. No matter what you know or do not know about the suit and want to get good service, try to visit this shop. If you don’t ,you may regret it.