Personally, I don’t know much about dressing up because I’m not into fashion and my lifestyle doesn’t circulate with it. My knowledge in clothing is zero but because I have to get married I need to prepare myself. My “First Lady”, she have me an advice to find a good tailor shop but for weeks I couldn’t find the one.

One day a friend of mine told me about a tailor shop and brag about how exquisite the service is and the high quality of fabric and craftsmanship so, I asked him the number of the owner of that tailor shop. We talked and I served on the internet about it. This tailor shop has operated for 50 years. Jay is the 2nd generation inherit this shop from his father. This place make suit under Italian style (as I understand this suit is slim fit and not too loose) Jay is very nice and acknowledgeable. I know about suit because of him. It’s like an eye opening.

When the time is right I asked him for a consult about the suit that I like and if he could make it fit for me. For someone who do not have the suit that speaks to them Jay will show you the catalogue for you to pick. For the fabric, this place has various types of fabric for you to choose. They gave me the selections of premium grade fabric and I picked one from England because I liked the feeling it gave, the refine work of weaver and the colour, then the measurement started. First measurement was to make the pattern and the next is for fitting (because the first time I came here I was heavier and then I lost weight to look perfect underneath the suit – -”)

While they were making my suit I kept losing weight until the next measurement and I realised that I had my suit measure for like 3-4 times but I got the suit before my wedding. Jay is a cool guy. He impressed me by how dedicated he was. Azzurro doesn’t have delivery but I asked him to do the final measurement plus the hotel where my wedding took place wasn’t that far. If you interested you can ask him for the clarification.

The quality of the suit is very impressive, such a refine work of art due to the fact that the fabric they have were weaved with such refine craft that make suit made by Azzurro hug human’s body very well. You’ll look good in it. They also stitch your name on the suit for free inside the lining which is very convenient when you got your suit dry cleaned. The staff from dry cleaning would be confused when you have to pick your suit up, and I think it’s really cool.

While typing this, I realised that I don’t have the photos of the suit due to the fact is I’m a newlywed. I’ll post the pictures when I got the photos from the photographer.

And one more thing, I really love the service. Like I told you before that Jay was the 2nd generation and he took care of the client himself which made him understand what the client really wanted and needed. He is good with people and always there to help. He doesn’t complain or does something that would annoy you. He doesn’t look down on you if you are like me who doesn’t have a clue about suit. It’s normal that men like us do not have knowledge about suit and Jay is the one who will guide you until you got the suit you want. Suit isn’t the thing you will get from Azzurro but friendship as well which isn’t something you get from other tailor shop. If I need another suit I know where to get it.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for cool tailor shop for your refine suit with premium grade fabric that will improve your personality but you don’t have any knowledge and seek for good service that make you feel like you and the tailor are friends for very long time then look no further but here. If you pass over this place without saying hi then it’s your lost.

Quality 5 stars

Service 5 stars

Price 3 stars

Time 4 stars

Over all 4.5 stars

Thanks: O&Au for the review